Race Cars

TETZLAFF'S ATTITUDE • Fiat, Santa Monicia 1911

Terrible Teddy Tetzlaff, driving a Fiat, passing the Ocean Avenue grandstands with lots of attitude. He finished in ninth place.

BERT DINGLEY • Pope-Hartford - Santa Monica 1911

"Iron Man" Bert Dingley, driving a Pope-Hartford, racing up Wilshire Boulevard passing under the Fourth Street temporary bridge, which was built exclusively for this race.

TEDDY TETZLAFF • LOZIER - Santa Monica 1910

Teddy Tetzlaff in a Lozier, maintaining his lead on Ocean Avenue.


In this classic image, Tetzlaff is captured having just turned off San Vincente Boulevard onto Ocean Avenue. He went on to take the victory.

START OF RACE • Corona, 1913

Racing Icon Barney Oldfield leads in the Mercer #1

BENZ RACING CAR • Santa Monica, 1912

David Bruce-Brown hustles the tire change. He took third place.

WARPED SPEED • Peugeot, Corona 1916

Bob Burman, averaging 90 MPH in a 1913 Peugeot Grand Prix race car, running second and challenging for the lead. He crashed, killing two spectators and himself.

BENZ RACING CAR • Santa Monica, 1912

David Bruce-Brown helps with a tire change on the way to a third place finish.

TETZLAFF on the road to victory, Santa Monica 1910

Teddy Tetzlaff, driving the Lozier, racing down San Vicente Boulevard on track for the win.

TETZLAFF • Fiat S74, Los Angeles Motordome

Teddy Teszlaff in a Fiat Tipo S74 at the Los Angeles Motordome, Playa Del Rey, California in 1913

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